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Tags: MI# 659

LIFX bulb application functionality.
I propose that an application be developed that changes the colors of the LIFX bulb based on the day of the week. So on Monday for example one can customize the application to so all the lights have a certain color/hue to them then by Friday have a completely different color/hue. For example, Monday can be red, Tuesday light red, Wednesday yellow, Thursday light green, and Friday green. Weather can also be used so that the lights reflect what the weather is outside.


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Tags: MI# 413

Scenic Highway Designation-
Test GIS for use in identification of scenic byways:

  • determine requirements
  • interpret scenic characteristics as GIS data layers
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Tags: MI# 334

A website that generates a "George Bush" style nick name based on information provided by the user.

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Tags: MI# 310

I put forward a proposal of a railway navigation system that would be highly beneficial to the national railway infrastructure.

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