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Tags: MI# 559

a companion site to the george bush nickname generator

the user will type in a word or phrase and the website will speak it back to them only mispronounce the word in a way typical of the president. the voice will also closely resemble the president's as well.

this will be accomplished by using modified text to speech software that will execute what linguists call metathesis which is the switching of two adjacent sounds. ie the word nu-clee-ar becomes nu-cu-lar.

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Tags: MI# 513

People always talk about what celebrities that would like to sleep with; so I figure why not create a website where you create your own personal list of up to, say, 50 celebrities. The cool part would be that you could timestamp the list, so you have the exact day and time you entered the names.

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Tags: MI# 483

Completely non-commercial underground music archive where only the highest quality submissions are posted. Finding music on the Internet is easy. Finding music that you like is a kin to finding the right needle in a huge stack of needles.

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Tags: MI# 450

Community Green is an organization committed to working with individuals and communities on projects that will provide access to empowerment in global environmental issues.

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Tags: MI# 334

A website that generates a "George Bush" style nick name based on information provided by the user.

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