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Well the summer is winding down and so is our top idea contest! There's just a few more weeks left to login and vote for your favorite ideas to decide who gets the $500. Voting will end at midnight eastern time on September 30th. Best of luck to all our members!

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. . . Just attach a bit of velcro - less that a buck at a hardware or general type store. One little half inch piece on the remote controller, the other sided piece on the side of your telly and also near the easy chair and you'll not be hunting about for that bloody clicker ever again!

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Regular consumer batteries should have a small deposit, just like beverage containers do in many places, so that purchasers have an incentive to return them and so that they are recycled properly and more frequently. Spent AA, AAA, C, D Cells would stay out of landfills if there was a financial incentive to the public.

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Celebrities must be beyond totally frustrated with the unwanted attention the are getting with respect to their private lives and all too human mishaps. Free speach should be assiduously protected, and their right to express it should not be abridged in the law, absent safety and other legitimate legal restraints on their activities in the name of free press.

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Medicine - Technology. The current state of the art for persons who lose the ability to speak is tone neutral, uninflected, computer generated speach. Certainly better than the darkness of silence, but we can readily do better. The archtypeal user is Dr. Stephen Hawking, one among many others too numerous to list who cannot generate voice unassisted.

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Haven't cell phones reached the point where they are so ubiquitous that they can be used as another means to verify identity?

I would like to receive a phone call prior to any purchase being authorized on any of my accounts as an additional level of security. It could be an automated message that says "authorization is being requested for $100 at Sears, Press 1 if you accept, or 2 to deny".

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