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Tags: MI# 601

All the major purveyors of cooking and kitchen papers: Reynolds Wrap, Saran Wrap, Alcoa, etc., should promote the sale and use of sturdy, semi-permanent cutter boxes for their various products, and sell the rolls themselves as replacement inserts in larger square footage amounts. Less ldiscposable packaging means less wastein manufacturing and in our landfills. And probably a better quality and more effective dispenser will make their use much easier. . .
My specific design for the actual unit, and a unique cutting tool is posted with this site privately. Any inquiries, please direct to my contact email at MyIdea.Net

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Tags: MI# 555

Who doesn't like a nice soft back scratch or back rub to put them to sleep. Especially us girls!

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Tags: MI# 538

They should come out with umbrellas that have scantily clad or naked people on them. Am I right?

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Tags: MI# 326

My idea is for a new type of scanning probe microscope (SPM) which could be used for 'picking up' molecules by expressing patterns of electrical charge on its tip that were complementary to the patterns of charge on the surfaces of molecules. The probe tips would be made from tetracyanoplatinate (TCP) salt crystals.

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Tags: MI# 523

My invention is a computer governed active ballast system that does not significantly overweight the ship. I am confident that a track guided weight or weights, actuated by a worm gear spindle can negate even sudden changes in attitude, if a gyroscopic input device is paired with properly adjusted software logistics, and at minimal cost.

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Tags: MI# 514

Some guys and I from Massachusetts Institute of Technology came up with this many years ago. I think I'll take all the credit though. The invention is comprised of a jar that has a moveable bottom platform with one vertical degree of translation. This will add the ability to move all of the jar's contents up or down, depending on the position of the bottom platform.

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