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Haven't cell phones reached the point where they are so ubiquitous that they can be used as another means to verify identity?

I would like to receive a phone call prior to any purchase being authorized on any of my accounts as an additional level of security. It could be an automated message that says "authorization is being requested for $100 at Sears, Press 1 if you accept, or 2 to deny".

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Twisted Reflection

shot of Cloud Gate located in Chicago's Millennium Park 4/21/07.
aperature f/2.8, shutter speed 1/60, focal length 7mm. Cloud Gate was sculpted by british artist Anish Kapoor and is inspired by liquid mercury and measures 66 feet long by 33 feet high.

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Digz4Dignity designs and manufactures hospital wear that preserves the humanity of the individual while an inpatient.

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While it seems obvious enough, I am unaware of any automatic system for determining whether a tennis ball has made contact with the "tape" at the top of the net.

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A feature-length bigraphy of Bob Dylan starring Adam Sandler in the eponymous role. This should resonate, as did Ray - about Ray Charles - and starring Jamie Foxx.

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That Lady - 10/2/05

That lady
That pretty lady
That lady
That island lady

In the Hudson
Is where she’s standing
She is big
But not demanding

Tall and proud
With her stance

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