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"Ninjas don't wear corduroys"
there i said it first!!! vote for me :) steveo

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All the major purveyors of cooking and kitchen papers: Reynolds Wrap, Saran Wrap, Alcoa, etc., should promote the sale and use of sturdy, semi-permanent cutter boxes for their various products, and sell the rolls themselves as replacement inserts in larger square footage amounts. Less ldiscposable packaging means less wastein manufacturing and in our landfills. And probably a better quality and more effective dispenser will make their use much easier. . .
My specific design for the actual unit, and a unique cutting tool is posted with this site privately. Any inquiries, please direct to my contact email at MyIdea.Net

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Guild of Business Advisors

In the past, a guild was an association of highly qualified tradesmen that self regulated the profession based on proven skills. Is there a place for a "guild" in the service economy and information age? In fact there is and here's why:

Networks are everywhere. How is someone to know if a referral is a qualified person who is properly trained? What is the risk to networking member if they do not perform? What is the risk to the person purchasing services? How is someone really checked out? What are the barriers to entry? How likely is someone who performs poorly to be monitored or expelled?

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It would be cool to have a small coffee shop called Java the hut.

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Save fuel and decrease automobile congeston. My Idea is to devote a specific lane at major toll plazas where asking directions is permitted. Doing so (asking for directions)at the reminaing lanes would be discouraged or simply not available. At the designated (direction/information) lane, the toll personnel are properly qualified to give directions, and limited (sponsored) maps are perhaps given out upon request. McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, Quizos, could sponsor the map to be given out providing local roads, for example, but which also might guide travellers to the nearest Mickey D's, Wendy's, Burger King, Quiznos, etc. A Google(tm) local map printout could be a mechanism.

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a companion site to the george bush nickname generator

the user will type in a word or phrase and the website will speak it back to them only mispronounce the word in a way typical of the president. the voice will also closely resemble the president's as well.

this will be accomplished by using modified text to speech software that will execute what linguists call metathesis which is the switching of two adjacent sounds. ie the word nu-clee-ar becomes nu-cu-lar.

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