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Who we are, what we do, and why anyone with an original idea needs this site:

Ever have a great idea and not know how to get the word out? Ever think of a clever saying, and wish you could publish it and prove you thought of it first? Maybe it’s something as simple as a great recipe, new joke, concept for improving the way something is done. If you have an original work that is just taking up space in an old notebook, or in a dusty corner of your mind, MyIdea.net is the way to start getting the word out!

Founded by an attorney and a system administrator for a major university, MyIdea.net is a unique place dedicated to the documentation, protection, and promotion of creative works and ideas. To us, there are few things more precious than original ideas, and few things less desirable than seeing them lost or misappropriated.

Whether it’s just for fun or to attract investors, stake your claim! Choose to make your idea “public” in our Library and discover like minded thinkers, to put that great idea of yours to work! You can also choose to keep your ideas “private”, to protect them during development. Either way, resolve ownership disputes by establishing prior creation.

Please remember that posting to this site does not mean the material is given a copyright from the government. Others may have created the work first, or otherwise protected a prior right. However a copyright actually exists upon creation of any original work. To secure that right, the material must be original and must be published. Getting a copyright recognized by the government has been an expensive and time consuming process. It basically can only refer back to the date the material was mailed, unless additional evidence is given. Your MyIdea time stamp is intended to fill that gap, and let you prove ownership down to the minute. Posting here and indicating that your rights are reserved, may by all you need to discourage interlopers, and win a dispute down the road.

MyIdea.net catalogs our member’s creations on an easily searchable database with a secure time of submission and unique serial number (MI#) for a fee of $0.99 per post. Compared to previous methods, such as the certified mail method (that gives modest evidence an idea sealed in an envelope was put there on the postmarked date), MyIdea.net submits and documents an idea to the minute, securely and instantly!

MyIdea Members retain all rights to the intellectual properties submitted, unless otherwise agreed. Intellectual properties covered shall include concepts and ideas not otherwise protected under existing United States Copyright, Trademark, Tradename, Service. The MyIdea.net site administrator can remove or otherwise make unavailable content submitted that depicts illegal acts and other content deemed to be inappropriate for display on the MyIdea.net site.

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