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Solution Graphics

daratow's picture

Tags: MI# 513

People always talk about what celebrities that would like to sleep with; so I figure why not create a website where you create your own personal list of up to, say, 50 celebrities. The cool part would be that you could timestamp the list, so you have the exact day and time you entered the names.

halburton's picture

Tags: MI# 512

Wireless Mouse (es)(mice)are currently being engineered backwards to my reckoning, and my invention would fix this. The kinetic interpretation of human digital physiology is well established, as is the interface therewith, which is hindering development.

Demoniotis's picture

Tags: MI# 511

In conjunction with my previously posted idea (MI#470, Serial ID:00478), similar graphics, video, audio, text:

Visuals: Person in wheel-chair.
Audio/text: Your last drink cost me my last steps. Please don't drink and drive.

SMiller's picture

Tags: MI# 508

The caps on standard Vitamin Water bottles are made of rigid, brittle plastic. I have dropped these things in the store (company loss) and in my home(dis-incentive to buy again)and the tend to shatter and disgorge the contents all over the place. Word on the street is that well over a billion dollars changed hands over this product.

trebeca's picture

Tags: MI# 505

NO Spin Hub Caps would have a weight at the bottom of a hub cap that would include a ball barring design to keep it horizontal at all times. Logos ie. the Chevy Bowtie would never be sideways or upside down.

I would be glad to sell this Invention for 5% of the profit it generates.

SMiller's picture

Tags: MI# 502

. . . Just attach a bit of velcro - less that a buck at a hardware or general type store. One little half inch piece on the remote controller, the other sided piece on the side of your telly and also near the easy chair and you'll not be hunting about for that bloody clicker ever again!

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