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Tags: MI# 468

A window insert, similar to a cat door, the length of the window, 8 inches high. In the center is a round hole 4 inches in diameter. The hole is covered by a rubber flap.

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Tags: MI# 466
3:07 minutes (3.57 MB)

Big Guy by c is for coyote.
©1996 Desert Poodle Records. words and music by walsh, bochkay, budofsky and pilshaw

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Tags: MI# 451

Community Green's first major project has been launched officially on our Website http://communitygreen.org.

Verde's picture

Tags: MI# 450

Community Green is an organization committed to working with individuals and communities on projects that will provide access to empowerment in global environmental issues.

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Tags: MI# 449

In colonial Mid-Atlantic America, the predominant local spirit was applejack - essentially an apple brandy. Its colonial history is arguably longer than even rum and whisky.

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Tags: MI# 448

This is a drink recipe I made called the Pucker Papple

1 part Peach Absolute
1 part Apple Smirnoff
1 part Dekuyper sour apple pucker (schnapps)
1 part seltzer water

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