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ioi's picture

Tags: MI# 269

When gay marriage is made legal, there will inevitably be divorces within this community. My idea is to have a television show where gay couples come on to dissolve their marriages and civil unions.

Phoenix's picture

Tags: MI# 259

Architectural view of French Sunflower.

anthro's picture

Tags: MI# 258
James Joyce

Used Photoshop and Paint

Phoenix's picture

Tags: MI# 249

Jamaican Seaside Resort

Phoenix's picture

Tags: MI# 248

Photo of horse during Cross Country Training modified in Photoshop.

halburton's picture

Tags: MI# 244

A true martini is approximately 4 parts vodka or gin to one part dry vermouth.
Substitute a good very dry white sherry, such as a juarana or dry sack instead of the vermouth.

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